New Chapter for Labellio

We are excited to announce that Labellio, the easiest deep-learning platform for computer vision, got a new owner for its future expansion, KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (“KCCS”).


It’s been half a year since we released Labellio as beta service last year, and we’ve been getting tons of positive feedbacks as well as various use-cases which we had never imagined. We see that there are now more services to access to the deep-learning technology, but we believe that Labellio is still one of the easiest and the most powerful custom image classification solution in the world.

In response to those strong demands, we, Alpaca as a startup, concluded that Labellio needs broader business backbone to go further. And this time, KCCS and Alpaca have agreed to hand over the comprehensive ownership of Labellio to KCCS effective on 19th January 2016.

Regarding the change of Labellio ownership, please take a look at KCCS’s press-release for more detail.

We continue to focus on FinTech sector by building Capitalico, “Build investment algorithms on Mobile.” We fully utilise our deep-learning technology to enable anyone to build complex investment algorithms with ease.


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