Launching Capitalico App on AppStore!!

Alpaca: Deep-Learning FinTech Startup Launches Capitalico App for Anyone to Make Trade Ideas into AI Algorithms

No computer programming required to build sophisticated investment trading algorithms

March 11, 2016 (San Mateo, CA) 

Alpaca, the leading startup in Deep-Learning FinTech launched the anticipated, personal investing application “Capitalico” today on the Apple App Store for mobile users. Capitalico is a Deep-Learning trading platform that enables traders to automate their trade ideas without any programming or market investing experience, and has been running after a closed beta launch to limited, invite-only users for last several months. Today, Capitalico is being launched to the public for iOS users and available as an iPhone application.



Alpaca fully leverages its Deep-Learning and Parallel Distributed technologies built by industry veterans in application development from companies such as EMC/Pivotal, Greenplum, Microsoft, and Nokia. Capitalico distinguishes itself by building its own unique technology based on financial time series data and user specifications. With the Capitalico application, Alpaca empowers traders to automate their trade ideas into AI algorithms with only few taps on their mobile devices.


“We saw an opportunity to close the gap that most traders have a difficult time to verbalize their trading rules precisely enough to be coded as automated trading algorithms,” said Yoshi Yokokawa, Alpaca’s co-founder and CEO. “Capitalico is going to support many traders’ daily activities by enabling them to build their customised trade notifications and automated trading algorithms through highlighting their winning entry patterns on Capitalico app.”


Capitalico is now publicly available on the Apple App Store for free. The app is available worldwide in English and Japanese on the Apple App Store. Please visit for more Capitalico information including videos and screenshots of the app.


To download the app:


About Alpaca

Alpaca is a VC-backed Silicon Valley Fintech startup that helps individual traders build automated trading algorithms using Deep-Learning, to expand platform to be an algo-trading marketplace eventually. The first public mobile app “Capitalico” is publicly available now on the Apple App Store, and is supported by 10+ year veterans from AI, database For more information, visit

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