Hitoshi speaks at NVIDIA’s GTC in San Jose this April

Alpaca’s CTO, Hitoshi, will be speaking at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference held in San Jose this April. Hitoshi plans to talk about the deep-learning technology that is used in Capitalico application. Come join his talk at the GTC!!

S6309 – Capitalico – Chart Pattern Matching in Financial Trading Using RNN

Hitoshi Harada CTO, Alpaca

Discretionary trading by technical analysis and momentum strategy in the financial market has been difficult to automate by quant-style rigid conditional programming as it involves a lot of fuzziness and subtleties of human perception. Our application, Capitalico, analyzes the financial time-series data and trader’s behavior to solve this problem using the RNN/LSTM. In this talk, we’ll introduce the problem and our approach, and detail pitfalls and practices, such as how we choose networks and parameters to achieve the best accuracy and performance with deep learning using GPUs. As we borrowed great ideas from past deep learning applications, we’ll help you understand how we converted those ideas to our solution and how to apply deep learning to your problem.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Talk

Tags: Finance; Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence



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