Capitalico Development Update #003

This is Yoshi from Alpaca. I would like to update you regarding Capitalico development which I sent an email to those who are on the Capitalico waiting list (you can sign up from Capitalico waiting list).

In this update, I would like to explain where Capitalico is headed to in the long term, and share with you about the short and mid term development plan.

Where Capitalico is headed to in the long term

We are planning Capitalico to be an online marketplace for the investment products that directly connects two types of individuals who build the products and who buy the products.

We think that there is a continuous trend of automating the transactions and asset-allocation when making investment products. We also think that the algorithms, which automate such investment decisions, will take even bigger portion in investing in general. Considering these trends, we are releasing Capitalico mobile application to set up the infrastructure for individuals, where they are empowered to build automated investment algorithms to enter the trend of automated investing.

Short/Mid term development roadmap for Capitalico

For Capitalico v1.0 release at this February-end, we focused our development effort so that users can build their own investment algorithms on a mobile-app without needing much professional knowledge. Because of this, we decided to keep the functions minimally enough to let little-experienced users build algorithms. In the short term, we are going to maintain this focus while setting below points as our high priority.

*Stock market integration

Based on the initial user feedback, we think that the stock market integration is one of the most important milestones for Capitalico. We are planning to launch this major update where you can build the algorithms to trade in stock market. We are targeting this update in 2016Q2.

*Fully automated algorithmic trading

We are in process of integrating Capitalico app with a few brokerage firms to enable you to trade fully automatically by using the algorithms that they build. We plan to announce these brokerage partners during 2016Q2. Before the release of  the automated algorithmic trading feature, you can make trades based on the real-time trade signals that are sent out from the Capitalico application through iPhone push notifications and/or email notifications.

*Android version

We think that it is important for Capitalico to be available on the Android devices as well. At this February-end V1.0 release, Capitalico will be available only on iOS devices. However, we plan to release the Android version during the 2016Q4 after releasing the major update of stock market integration.

*Enhancing the total experience of Capitalico

Although I mentioned about “keep the functions minimally enough to let little-experienced users can build investment algorithm,” we are fully aware of the strong needs of enhancing the total experience and function of Capitalico. Through these enhancements, we want to make sure that well-experienced users are also satisfied with using Capitalico to build highly sophisticated investment algorithms. We are carefully deciding the timeline of these enhancements listed below to make sure these happen sooner than later.

  • Add more types of indicators available
  • Add more currency pairs available
  • Support multi-chart pattern matching feature
  • Algorithm transfer feature among different timeframes and asset-classes
  • Enhancing the performance analytics feature
  • Enhancing the exit rule setting
  • Adding the trend-line/channel function
  • Adding the money management setting
  • Releasing the PC browser version

I am planning to send out the next update in the week of 2/8 where I will be announcing the new Capitalico landing page.

As always, we appreciate your interest in Capitalico, and please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or inquiries that you may have.

Best regards,


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