Capitalico Development Update #002

Dear friends,

This is Yoshi from Alpaca. Today, I would like to update you regarding Capitalico development and what you should expect from the public beta launch targeted at this February-end (“v1.0”).



<Capitalico development update as a mobile-first app>

In last update, I let you know that we decided to make Capitalico a mobile-first app. We fixed the design that is going to be used for the public beta launch, and are now working on implementing the design. We are continuously working to improve the accuracy as well as the speed of the underlying deep neural nets.



<What pain Capitalico v1.0 is going to solve>

I want to clarify what pain Capitalico v1.0 is going to solve at this public beta release in February-end. We have an exciting development plan ahead, but it takes a while for us to get to the ultimate version of Capitalico.

We are targeting mainly three user groups in v1.0.

(1) Forex discretionary traders often have a difficult time making new trading strategies or follow existing strategies, because they manually need to watch multiple charts and go back the time historically, which takes a lot of effort. Capitalico solves this pain by providing them a simple mobile app that lets them automate their trade ideas without using any programming. This allows them to repeat the PDCA cycle of making new trading strategies, and supports them to follow the existing strategies by sending them real time trade signals.

(2) Most forex systematic traders are not programming experts, therefore most cases, they need to learn programming or outsource the programming task when they want to make automated trading algorithms. MetaTrader is a famous tool to write programming to make automated trading algorithms. However, it is no use if a user cannot write programming. They often purchase pre-made trading algorithms or subscribe to the third-party trading algorithms. Capitalico solves this pain by letting them make their own automated trading algorithms without using any programming or programming-like logics, but only through interaction on charts. They do not need to buy algorithms from other people, but now can make as many algorithms as they want on Capitalico.

(3) Many people who are interested in market and algorithm trading have a difficult time entering the market, because there is no appropriate tool for them to try out to see how their trade ideas would work unless they can write programming. Capitalico solves this pain by providing a mobile app that allows them to realize their trade ideas into algorithms with several taps on a smartphone app. In addition, they can always track how their algorithms are performing in real market, so that they can see how well their ideas work.

If you are familiar with MetaTrader software, you can think of Capitalico v1.0 as programming-less version of MetaTrader, that even works as an independent mobile application.


<What you can do on Capitalico v1.0>

For Capitalico v1.0 public beta release, we focused our development effort so that we can minimally achieve to allow users to build their own investment algorithms on a mobile-app without much professional knowledge. I am listing up app specifications here.

  • Asset class – 7 major currency pairs (USD/JPY, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF)
  • Entry rule setting – Selecting specific chart patterns on single currency pairs’ single time-frame chart
  • Exit rule setting – Setting ratios of profit-take to stop-loss with automated optimisation feature
  • Capital management setting – N/A
  • Backtest – Backtesting against more than 10 years with 1-Minute chart
  • Livetest – Livetesting with 1-Minute chart and with Tick-chart for trade execution
  • For live-trade – mobile push notification and/or email notification for real time trade signals (some of this is a paid function)
  • Platform – iOS (iPhone)

We decided to cut out many features in order to release the minimum version of Capitalico for v1.0. However, we understand the strong needs from you for many features, functions, and asset classes, so we do have a plan already scheduled to implement them. For the detail product development roadmap and what Capitalico is going to be, I am planning to describe fully at the next development update, which I am planning to send out on the week of 1/26.

As always, we appreciate your interest in Capitalico, and please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or inquiries that you may have.

Best regards,


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