Alpaca presented in Plug and Play Fintech EXPO

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After the three months of incubation program, we got a great chance to talk about our progress with Capitalico, a platform to execute your trade with AI.  Thanks all for coming to today’s pitch and hope you enjoyed it!


Aside from our pitch, we feel fortunate being in the program with other startups including:

  • Skymind, which provides fraud detection by their deep learning framework
  • SkuChain, which offers blockchain technology for supply chain
  • DoubleNetPlay, which helps employees save and manage money
  • SnapCheck, which is trying to remove this insane paycheck system from US
  • DataSimply, whose AI is basically analyzing SEC filling for asset managers and analysts
  • TitanFile, which is yet-another file sharing service with the enterprise-level security in mind
  • NoPassword, which pushes MFA and other no-password solution
  • Token, which is saying to rebase the payment system as like World Wide Wed for information
  • and all other Fintech companies

And kudos to Token who won the award today.  This founder Steve Kirsch is one of the most famous serial entrepreneurs in the Valley who founded 7 companies including Infoseek and Token and had 2 exited for billion dollars.  We are very happy and proud to be part of this program and to talk with all of these Fintech companies that will change the financial industry!

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